Apple Products You Can Expect in 2015

Apple WatchNo company can defeat Apple when it comes to secrecy in declaring its latest product plans. It’s because of this that the level of excitement among its fans and loyal customers is always at its ultrahigh. On the other hand, it’s also because of this secrecy that there’s a strong rumor mill that tries to fill in details to customer queries when it comes to upcoming Apple products.

Those who are loyal followers of Apple would accept any information that would come from supply chain leaks and some unknown insider sources just to know what’s in store from this tech giant. One should always be careful in totally expecting such rumors to be true but there were indeed rumors in the past that turned out to be accurate. Here are some new Apple products that have been the buzz in the rumor mill.

First is the Apple Watch. It is said that the Apple Watch will come in three models which are the following: Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition. There are also options for large and small screen sizes. The small screen ones are more for women and those that have smaller wrists who despise wearing bulky wrist watches. The watch comes with colorful straps that are interchangeable. It is also expected that a lot of apps will be available once the watch iApple TVs launched. This includes health apps like a heart monitor that is good for those who do some sports like running or cycling.

Another product to watch out from Apple is the Apple TV. It has been reported that Apple is negotiating for Apple TV to be able to travel on the less congested part of the network. Such media streaming device is meant to provide both on-demand and also live programming that is based on the net. With its being redesigned, it is expected to add more TV channels and also other cutting edge services. There have been rumors that say that it will also offer video games.

It has also been reported that Apple will reveal an iPad that comes with a larger screen. It will be called iPad Plus or iPad Pro. The screen size is said to be more than 12 inches and this is meant for the education market especially in North America. The device is also said to be designed for group presentations and would allow for complicated tasks like split screen multi-tasking.

Apple is also expected to release a new iPhone model this year and this will be the iPhone7 and iPhone7s. iPhone7 is said to include a largely improved rear-facing cam. Some sources said that it will be able to produce DSLR quality images with its two-lens system. This model might also be the first device to include the Beats Music app.

Apple fans should also be excited for the release of the MacBook Air that has a retina display. This new device will have the Intel Core M processor that will allow for the use of high resolution screen without much effect in its battery life.