Domestic Violence Incident
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Big Island Police Handled Another Domestic Violence Incident

BIPD had to deal with an armed and dangerous suspect in an alleged domestic violence case.

The Suspect Fired a Gun at Big Island Police Officers During Intervention

The Big Island police responded quickly to a call from a woman claiming to have been the victim of a domestic violence incident last Tuesday.

This case that happened in North Kohala is now being investigated by the BIPD.

Everything started when the law enforcement came to the address the woman had provided, in response to her call. The woman had some visible injuries but refused medical help. During the whole police intervention, the suspect stayed in the house and fired a gun at the police officers.

The police had blocked the road for over an hour until they resolved the difficult situation. The suspect, a 42-year-old male, was eventually arrested and charged with “reckless endangering, terroristic threatening, and domestic abuse.”

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