Canstruction Moves Their Sculptures to the Kahala Mall

The annual event created with the purpose of spreading awareness and providing meals has been going for 13 years now. In collaboration with Hawaii Foodbank, a team of architects started combining style, thousands of food cans, and architectural design to recreate some of the most charming pop-culture characters.

During those 13 years, they brought 394,805 pounds of food. Beverly Santos from Foodbank mentioned that they were collecting food by pounds because large cans of chili and sardines are not the same.

The partnership with AIA members from Honolulu benefits Foodbank in donating identical cans of particular items, such as meat, tuna, or chicken, which are in high demand. Santos explained that last year’s 17,763 pounds translate to somewhere around 14,000 meals, and that is just a small part of the impact this organization had.

During last year, Foodbank of Hawaii delivered over 12.5 million pounds of food from Oahu and Kauai warehouses. Three million pounds were fresh products. Most of them came from growers, larger farms, and manufactures, as well as retailers like Costco and Safeway.

Santos says that donating something holds a higher level of investment than when you write a check. There are many stories about how people managed to pay rent for their homes just because a box of food arrived at the right moment.

Reid Mizue from AIA sees this project as a great fit due to the fact it permits architects to show their design and leadership skills while building giant sculptures filled with cans. They get to compete, and all in the service of a good cause.

This year, four teams will try to recreate the meaning of the aloha spirit, history, and contemporary local style, celebrating the uniqueness of Hawaii. The competitors will be G70 and Layton Construction, HDR, Coffman Engineers, and Bower+Kubota.

The sculptures will be displayed in Kahala Mall, and people will be able to vote by donating food cans — one can being one vote. Voting will be possible from October 5 to October 12, and the team of canstructors that gets the majority of votes will get the People’s Choice Award.

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