Canstruction Moves Their Sculptures to the Kahala Mall

The annual event created with the purpose of spreading awareness and providing meals has been going for 13 years now. In collaboration with Hawaii Foodbank, a team of architects started combining style, thousands of food cans, and architectural design to recreate some of the most charming pop-culture characters. During those 13 years, they brought 394,805 […]


Hilo Brewfest: More Than Brew 

Hilo Brewfest: More Than Brew While the event bears the name of Hilo Brewfest, over the past few years, one thing has proved to be certain — it’s definitely about more than beer. Almost 20 amazing local restaurants have provided food for the event. And visitors enjoyed both the food and the beer while humming […]


Hawaii Pride Festival Organized Last Sunday

Last Sunday, the 2019 Hawaii Island LGBTQ Pride Parade was organized in downtown Hilo. Click here for more details! Hawaii Island Pride Parade 2019 This year, the Hawaii Island LGBTQ Pride Parad memorialized 50 years since the Stonewall riots. This non-profit organization from Hilo has sponsorship from the larger Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation. And this […]