Everything Is Ready for Celebration of One of the Greatest Family Events in Hawaii

On October 6, the Hawaii State Capitol will host a joyful event — Children and Youth Day. The State Capitol will be open for visitors from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This event has been a tradition in Hawaii since 1994 when State Legislature and the governor proclaimed the first Sunday in October the day of youth and children and all that they represent for the community. Additionally, in 1997, Act 30 was passed, naming the entire October a month of youth and children in Hawaii.

This year, the event will be open to the public and free. There will be four stages with entertainment throughout the entire day, rides, games, food vendors, and more than 200 different activities supported by local businesses and organizations. Families will have an opportunity to spend time with local cosplayers, who will revive popular characters from comics, movies, and TV. You can expect to see characters like Wonder Woman, Steampunker, Ghostbusters, Mantis, Ironman, and many others.

The event administrator, Ray Sanborn, stated that Children and Youth Day has the objective to help their visitors to learn about many family-oriented and educational programs concerning all-age categories. It is also a chance for many youth-oriented organizations in Hawaii to display their services.

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