Garden’s Corpse Flower
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Foster Botanical Garden’s Corpse Flower Is About to Flourish

A corpse flower – Amorphophallus titanum -in the botanical garden, is going bloom around Sunday.

The establishment is going to stay open a little bit longer on Sunday and Monday in order to offer visitors an additional chance to get a sniff of the sharp smell.

City officials said to the public that instead of closing at 4 p.m., the garden is going to stay open until 6 p.m.

Corpse flowers got their name because of the strong odor, that had been depicted as the smell of corpses rotting. The odor is emitted to lure pollinators, for example, insects that oftentimes live off the corpses of dead animals.

The potency of the strong smell is going to be increased at the time of blooming in the noon to the middle of the night, and after that, it will gradually disappear in the morning, which is when the flower will begin closing up again.

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