Hilo Brewfest: More Than Brew 

Hilo Brewfest: More Than Brew

While the event bears the name of Hilo Brewfest, over the past few years, one thing has proved to be certain — it’s definitely about more than beer.

Almost 20 amazing local restaurants have provided food for the event. And visitors enjoyed both the food and the beer while humming to the tunes coming from a couple of awesome bands. Plus, this fun event which was organized in a venue above Hilo Bay didn’t just happen for the enjoyment of the participants. In fact, it was designed to help those in need here in the East Hawaii area.

That’s precisely the reason why crowds flocked to the Wainaku Executive Center in Hilo past Saturday. The Rotary Club of Hilo sponsored the event, and the tickets cost $60 when bought through the Brewfest website.

The live music was accompanied by more than 80 kinds of interesting beer which the visitors were able to choose from. Truly “Ono-licious” food options at the variety of booths was also a welcome addition.

And the fact that all of this happened for the best cause possible is just the cherry on top of the cake. The funds raised during this festival all go towards helping people in need across East Hawaii. And the Brewfest organization will give a huge part of the proceeds to a program that truly deserves it — the Hilo Medical Foundation Residency Program, over at the Friends of Children’s Justice Center.

Additionally, a part of the earnings will go to the Foundation of the Rotary Club, which serves to fund worthy causes near the local community and the world in general.

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