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Local Store Helping Young Families Save Money

Many of the goods coming from China are getting a 15% price increase starting from September 1 due to tariffs that were imposed on that country. This increase could affect consumers — young families that are already struggling will have to pay more for food, clothes, and diapers.

However, many of those who prefer “going green” and buying in local stores can still keep their finances in order. In Honolulu, Keiki 2 Keiki, a store on King Street, buys and sells children’s books, DVDs, strollers, clothes, carriers, and more. Customers say that it is a great deal because it helps you to save money while getting relatively new things for your child.

The owner of the store, Tiana Feekin, has been operating the store since she moved from Nebraska to Hawaii seven years ago. She says that her store doesn’t necessarily sell second-hand merchandise and that many of her customers buy there because that is one of the ways to go green.

Another appeal of the shop is the fact that you can actually save money on the things that your child will not use in the long term. There is also a possibility for customers to sell to shop. Feekin says that each of the toys in her store has a retail of 25 to 30%, and if you sell it back to her, you’d be spending around 20% of retail. Still, the things you sell should be in excellent condition. Feekin says that it is surprising how many things are actually new.

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