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Makeover for Honolulu Zoo Sun Bears

All of those who enjoy visits to the Honolulu Zoo will be happy to hear that the exhibit for Malay sun bears has been reopened. The caves were renovated and improved, so now Blackie (23) and Juwita (24), as well as their visitors, can fully enjoy the new environment.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell stated that reopening of the exhibit would give the visitors of Honolulu Zoo opportunity to see these unique creatures in a place where they can play and thrive. The unfortunate fact is that the sun bears in Southeast Asia are staying without their natural habitats because of deforestation. Mayor Caldwell outlined that this exhibit represents the chance to spread the knowledge about the importance of this amazing species preservation.

These creatures are native in Southeast Asia tropical forests, and they are enlisted as endangered species. The cause of the global population declining is mostly related to deforestation in this part of the world.

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