Taste of Honolulu in the Capital of Japan

November 30 has been set as the grand opening date of one of the favorite Hawaiian restaurants in Tokyo. The Pig & the Lady will take their tasty menu to Ebisu, which is known as the bar and restaurant area in the capital of Japan.

Transit General, the partners of the restaurant, announced that the place will have a capacity of 76 seats and that it will be located in the Ginza Cross Building. The restaurant’s representative said that it seemed like a perfect location and a great fit overall.

The menu will include all of the signature meals from the restaurant in Honolulu, including beef, vegan pho, Pho French Dip Banh Mi, and Le Fried Chicken.

The franchise of Pig & the Lady started in 2013, when Andrew Le opened a restaurant in Chinatown, with a menu that was mostly inspired by Vietnamese meals his mother prepared at home. It quickly became successful, won national culinary awards, and rapidly expanded by opening numerous locals around Hawaii. In 2016 in Ward Village, Piggy Smalls, a sister restaurant, opened as well.

To get the brand to Japan, the restaurant’s representatives started a collaboration with Transit General Office that specializes in the development of eating places, turning them into, as they say, “cultural playgrounds.” They have 68 brands enlisted in their portfolio.

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