Democratic Debate

The Hour-to-Hour Report on the First Night of the Democratic Debate

Ten out of twenty Democratic candidates crossed their arguments on the first night of the debate for the 2020 elections.

The First Night of the Debate Brought Some Fiery Arguments about Essential Issues

Ten Democratic candidates should take their stand at the first part of the Democratic debate tonight, where they are going to offer their answers and solutions for the burning issues. Each one of them hopes that the debate will provide them with an advantage over other candidates and clear their way to the White House. The most prominent figure besides Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders is Senator Elizabeth Warren who is going to participate in the first night of this debate. The other not so well known candidates are going to seize this opportunity and aggressively present their stand.

Some Were Unrecognizable

The fact that the former Colorado governor Hickenlooper has a hard time getting in the spotlight of this Democratic debate arena, was proved today when a member of the staff thought he was the representative of the press and asked for his credentials. However embarrassing this situation may have seemed, Hickenlooper used it for an ironic tweet regarding Trump’s past reality show career. He stated that it was maybe time for a less recognizable figure at the White House.

The Debate Started With Tom Perez’ Fiery Speech

Tom Perez, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is in charge of heating up the atmosphere of tonight’s debate by mentioning some topics the candidates may use to criticize Trump’s policy.

He pointed out that Trump’s administration hadn’t monitored the dire consequences of climate change, adding that justice is also under the president’s attack.

Tom-Perez’-Fiery speech

He added that Trump’s mandate offered nothing but a long walk down the boulevard of broken promises. He also didn’t miss the chance to state that the immigrant families shouldn’t be separated at the U.S. borders. This statement was welcomed with loud applause.

The first batch of ten Democrat representatives is about to set off the Democrats’ race for the presidential candidate in an opening night of a two-day debate. Although there are senators, former members of Congress and even an NYC mayor among them, the candidate with the best shots to win the first round is Senator Elizabeth Warren. She is going to present her view of the future American policy.

Dealing With Economic Issues

The first hour of the debate started with Senator Warren providing an answer to the question about the effects of her campaign on the “good economy” as some consider it. She replied with a question asking — for whom is this economy good for.

She provided the answer right away, saying that only the privileged classes that were higher on the social ladder enjoyed the advantages of this economic policy. On the other hand, “struggling Americans” have taken a huge blow. She gave an example of major oil companies and people who want to invest in non-state prisons.

The second question went to the senator who opposed to the free college idea.

The former Congress representative from Texas, Beto O’Rourke, decided to use the debate to showcase his excellent knowledge of Spanish. He started his answer about the economy in English only to switch to Spanish.

He pointed out that the economy has to be “good for everybody” which is not the case at the moment. Then he continued in Spanish saying that there has to be room for everyone in the American economy.

Trump Missed the Beginning of This Debate

President Trump was in Alaska when the Democratic debate commenced. He’s spending his time with the Alaska Air Force base while the Air Force One is getting fueled for the flight to G-20 meeting in Osaka. He said that his opposition will fare poorly at the upcoming 2020 elections.

The Question About Health System Raised Temperature Among Candidates

There was a red dividing line that emerged between the Democrats related to the burning issue of the private health care and how to handle it. When asked how many of them would cancel private health care, and replace it with the state-run health system, only two participants raised their hand.

The first was Senator Warren who said that she backed up Bernie Sanders’ plan “Medicare for All.” NYC Mayor, De Blasio, joined Waren when he interrupted O’Rourke’s answer by stating that the current system “isn’t working.”

Namely, O’Rourke supported the private health system by saying that people who are satisfied with their health insurance package should be able to keep it, while others can opt for the “Medicare for All.” At that point De Blasio attacked him, asking why is he defending the private health care.

Candidates Bitterly Opposed to Trump’s Immigrant Policy

Trump's polici

As the first hour of the debate was getting to an end, the participants tackled the sensitive issue of the current president’s immigration policy. They trashed down Trump directly blaming him for the tragic death of the Mexican immigrant and his baby daughter found in the Rio Grande.

A member of Obama’s administration, Julian Castro, stated that the whole nation should be enraged by the horrible scene of the father and daughter dead in the river. He continued by attacking O’Rourke who was against the complete decriminalization of crossing the American border. O’Rourke answered in Spanish that everyone deserves equal treatment.

The Second Hour Started With the US–Iran Clash

As the debate entered the second hour, Democrats addressed the burning issue of Trump leaving the USA–Iran nuclear agreement from 2015. That was the first time that somebody mentioned the president, and it was Amy Klobuchar who noticed that it wasn’t wise to make radical foreign policy decisions “in our bathrobe at five in the morning.”

Senator Cory Booker was the only one who wouldn’t stick to this agreement with Iran. The mentioned agreement obliged Iran to diminish the level of uranium in its nuclear weapons and to accept the United Nations inspection to get the U.N. sanctions lifted.

Trump has decided to abandon the agreement earlier in May causing a world-scale crisis. It seems that Booker would do the same. He offered a weak justification of his attitude by saying that he would do anything “to secure this country.”

Trump Used Technical Problems to Trash Talk NBC

The second part of this debate was marked by awkward technical problems that completely puzzled the debate moderators who called for the commercial break. This was a perfect chance for Trump to shame the NBC network on Twitter saying it is expected from those who produce fake news.

Emotional Debate on Gun Violence

The debate participants took the problem of guns on the U.S. streets quite personally. When asked about the ways to curb this severe issue, a senator from New Jersey, Corey Booker, said he lived in a neighborhood packed with guns and that shootings are commonly placed. He supports issuing gun licenses adding that he takes this personal.

Elizabeth Warren added that the most poignant question she got during her campaign came from children asking what she would do to protect them.

Bill De Blasio entered this debate saying that he has to find ways to protect his black son from both the gangs and the police.

Climate Change Is a Severe Issue for All

It seems that all Democratic candidates finally shared the common ground on the question of the dire climate changes and the current policy related to them. When asked what actions he would take if the government overstepped their boundaries related to the climate change restrictions, O’Rourke replied that he would help all the communities that struggle with the climate change problems. He especially referred to the area of Miami — the host of this debate.

Washington senator commended the state policy as a bright example of tackling the climate changes effects properly. He added that he was the only candidate present who made tackling this important issue his top priority.

Julian Castro focused on the necessity of re-entering the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Array of Threats to Face Nowadays

To one of the final questions related to the biggest threat the country has to face nowadays, the candidates offered a wide range of answers. Some of them named China, while others picked Russia for undermining the U.S. democracy. Iran and climate change were also often mentioned.

The Finishing Words

The candidates closed the first Democrats debate by giving their finishing words emphasizing the things they want to change or improve for the prosperity of all Americans. They also listed the factors that would lead them to the White House.

This was the first night of the debate that is going to continue on Thursday. Another ten candidates, including Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, are going to present their political agendas then.

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