The Lee Siblings Preparing for New Ventures

In upcoming months, Angela and Christian Lee, the only siblings ever to have received world titles in MMA, are going in different directions. In July, Angela faced her second loss, after going strong in Mililani High School grad. Her brother, however, made history by earning a world title in the lightweight category at the ONE Championship in May.

Now, both of them have to face new challenges. Luckily, the last fight did not affect Angela’s ownership of the title belt. Also, she awaits the rematch with Xiong Jingnan that will happen on October 13 in Tokyo. Angela stated that she was disappointed and that she needed time to rethink her strategy. She found motivation in those losses, and she sees the current moment as a crucial time for her.

Christian Lee, the lightweight champion of the world, stated that he is expecting another fight this year, but that the opponent, time, and place of the match are yet to be determined. However, he does not believe that his current title will be endangered.

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