Military Athletes Change of Policy

Trump Calls for a Change of Policy Regarding Military Athletes

Trump requires the Pentagon to devise a plan that will allow athletes from military schools to start playing pro right after graduation.

Trump’s Memo to Change Military Professional Athletes Policy

The president of the United States has signed the memo that obliges the Pentagon to devise a plan that is going to allow athletes from military schools and academies to pursue professional sports career the minute they graduate. 

As Trump stated in his memorandum, the athletes attending academies or those that are a part of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps should have to have the opportunity to delay their military service to fulfill their athletic potential in professional sports. 

He gave the Pentagon two months to develop a plan that would make this happen.

The irony about the whole idea is that this kind of policy existed before and that Trump’s administration canceled the act that was allowing military athletes to start their professional careers as soon as they finish their education. 

This means that they had to serve the mandatory two years in the army before they decided to continue their sports career outside the army. Jim Mattis, who was the Defense Secretary back in 2017, explained in his memo that military academies educated the future officers who were required to fulfill their duties and expectations regarding their military career as they had been trained on taxpayers expense. 

There were a couple of athletes that made a professional career in football in the sixties. But the one that stayed remembered was Roger Staubach who returned from Vietnam and led the Dallas Cowboys to a couple of Super Bowl victories. 

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